We ARE EXPANDING! New suites opening Sept 2018

Pet Suites

Spacious Accomodations

Large areas for your pet's comfort and enjoyment. 

Comfort and Safety

Our kennel is completey air conditioned/heated, as seasons change. Each pet suite is furnished with a ergonomically designed kennel deck, as well as pet beds, blankets, and stainless steel bowls. We provide everything needed during the stay-however, owners are encouraged to bring any belongings that will make your pet's stay even more enjoyable. 

Personal Care

We love each and every pet staying with us. From one-on-one walks to cuddle time, we work hard to make your sweet furry family members feel right at home. 

Boarding Rates

Boarding Policies

All pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations. Owners must submit proof of yearly vaccinations, Bordetella (kennel cough), and rabies vaccination. 

In the event that your plans change and you return home earlier than expected, we ask that you call 2 days in advance to give notice if you would like to pick up your pet earlier than planned. 

If a bath or grooming is scheduled, we typically perform that service the day of departure. Changing your pick up day will also change your grooming day, so prior notice is important. 

Very often we are fully booked and are unable to accommodate all boarding requests. Each pet's space is reserved for their confirmed amount of days and by returning early without notice may sometimes cause other pets to be unable to board with us. Please help us, and indirectly you, by giving us  a call in advance if you are going to return early. Unfortunately, if we do not get at least 2 days notice, we are unable to reschedule your reserved space and therefore you will be charged for the complete number of scheduled days. 

We are happy to administer medication to your pet as needed, an additional fee of $2.00 per dosage will be applied. Any pets that are diabetic and require insulin injections must be approved prior to boarding and will incur additional fees. 

If an owner fails to pick up pet on scheduled departure day, pet will be boarded at our typical boarding rate until the following business day. After hours or emergency situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis and additional fees will apply. 

If a boarding pet has fleas at time of check-in, pet will be treated and additional fees will apply. No exceptions. 

Please note that we are not open to the public on major holidays. Advance boarding reservations are highly recommended for holidays and school vacations. 

Our Policies, Procedures, Services, and Rates may change from time to time. While we attempt to notify you of these changes, it is ultimately your responsibility to check back on our website regularly so that you are aware of our most current Policies, Procedures, Services, and Rates. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at our sole discretion.

We appreciate your observance of our office policy.